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Cozumel Coral Reef Restoration Program

We aim to restore coral reefs while advancing research and fostering marine educational programs. 

About Us

Dr. German Mendez founded the Cozumel Coral Reef Restoration Program in 2017 to conserve and restore Cozumel’s coral species affected by unsustainable development, overtourism, and climate change.

We grow and restore damaged corals in our aquarium and coral garden, then plant them in the Villablanca Reef. To date, we’ve built 29 coral restoration platforms and restored over 10,000 corals!

We research coral reproduction, diseases, and water contamination, and offer educational programs to tourists and Cozumeleños, empowering them to help protect and regenerate their coral reefs.

Take A Course


We have many PADI scuba diving courses. Stopping for the day in Cozumel? Come snorkel or dive our coral gardens with us and do something different on your vacation.

Be A Volunteer


Join us as a volunteer and help us increase our reach. We need people to help plant, monitor and clean the corals to give them their best chance.

Donate Today


Our movement is completely funded by people like you. Join our fight in restoring and preserving the Cozumel reefs.




Trained Volunteers



Coral Platforms

Corals Restored

Be a changemaker!
Help us restore the reefs.


Dr German Mendez
Marine Biologist and Activist
Director General of CCRRP

“Help me in my fight to save the reef! 1 in 4 fish live in the corals and depend on the reefs. Only 1% of the ocean has corals and 0.5% has deteriorated.”@2x.png

The CCRRP is a non-profit that relies on donations from generous people like you. Becoming a member with a monthly donation really allows us to make an impact as we are able to retain staff and better ensure the survivability of the corals we outplant.

Cozumel’s coral reefs face threats from climate change, pollution, and human activity. Your donation helps us continue our conservation work and preserve this marine ecological site.



Our Courses



Water Diver 

3 days with 5 dives

The prerequisite for all other diving certifications, we will give you the training and equipment you'll need in the scenic backdrop of our coral garden.

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PADI Coral Reef Conservation 

2 days with 4 dives

You will gain advanced knowledge on coral conservation, the reef ecosystem, and the skills needed to volunteer with us. Open Water Diver certification required.

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PADI Research Diver

5 days with 7 dives


Learn how to monitor how corals are growing and evaluate how they are adapting over periods of time in our coral garden and reef restoration area. 


Coral Garden Snorkelling Tour

2 hours

Start with a lesson on Cozumel's marine ecology before exploring our coral garden, reef restoration area, and the Mesoamerican Reef ecosystem first-hand.


Volunteers are essential to the CCRRP. We have opportunities of varying lengths, be they families visiting for a day, resident divers who want to give back to the reef, or students doing an months long internship. Many foreign volunteers have become return visitors, travelling to Cozumel yearly to see how much the corals they've planted have grown!

Our Partners

If you are an organization that would like to join our mission, please feel free to contact us. 

Your contribution enables dedicated conservationists to actively restore damaged reefs, ensuring the survival of diverse marine life in Cozumel Mexico. Through innovative techniques like coral gardening and transplantation, the program fosters the growth of new coral colonies, enhancing biodiversity and habitat stability.

Donations to Cozumel Coral
Reef Restoration Program

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The Rehabilitation
of corals 
human damage
Educating visitors on the importance of coral conservation
We Advocate for the
protection of corals
from increased damage
Planting of Coral Gardens in Cozumel Mexico
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