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Volunteer Opportunities

We are always looking for volunteers of all skill levels to help tend the coral garden and to work on research projects in our labs.

Once you have completed one of our basic conservation courses you are welcome to visit the garden on your own schedule, and join groups tending to the platforms throughout the day.


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We are always looking for ecologically minded volunteers to help our project, be it for a day or a long term internship.

To apply, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to:


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We also partner with various universities and graduate students who wish to conduct studies in our garden, or run research projects out of our lab.


For more information on how you can contribute as a marine biologist or student, feel free to contact us.


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Volunteers are vital to the CCRRP’s existence.

Many volunteers who take a day course with us have become return visitors, travelling to Cozumel year after year just to spend time in the garden. You can find a few testimonials below, but the best way to learn about our work is to come visit!



"Working for German was a pleasure and eye opening for the climate crises facing our planet. German is a very inspiring person who fights with all his heart and every bit of his strength for the survival of the last corals. Volunteering for him has been one of the most impactful things in my entire life."

— Kerstin Rodler 

 "Not only is the project itself amazing but its inspiring meeting so many other like minded people from other cultures and exchanging ideas & experiences with them. It's important to educate other coral reef gardeners who will spread & share their knowledge throughout the world."

— Ellen Sophia Albe

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"As a marine biology student volunteering with this project was one of the best and most educational experiences in my life! Even if you're not into conservation, German is the best coral teacher you can find and will make you fall in love with this underwater world. If there's no coral reef there is no marine ecosystem. Every marine biologist needs to have an experience like this!"

— Maria Jose Tuz Kantun

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