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Learn about coral restoration

Whether you are doing a daytrip in Cozumel or you’re a passionate about saving the reefs, we have a range of courses and tours you can take to learn about coral restoration. As a non-profit, all proceeds from our courses go to sustaining & scaling our coral restoration work.

Coral Restoration Tours and Courses

We offer snorkeling and scuba tours and courses of various durations and levels. These programs are unique to us as they have an ecological focus and take place in our coral nursery garden in Cozumel’s Villa Blanca reefs. The Coral Garden Snorkel Tour and Coral Garden Discover Dive are perfect if you have a few hours to spare, would like swim amongst marine life while learning about our coral reef restoration project first hand. If you have several days or weeks in Cozumel and are passionate about coral restoration or wish to volunteer with us, our Coral Reef Conservation, Reef Fish ID, Peak Performance Buoyancy or Research Diver Courses are good options.


Coral Garden
Scuba Tour

A quick introduction on scuba diving and coral restoration followed by a tour of our research lab, coral garden, and reef restoration area.


Scuba, Beginner


4 hours with 2 dives



Coral Garden Snorkeling Tour

A quick introduction on coral restoration followed by a tour of our research lab, and an easy snorkel of our coral garden, and reef restoration area.


Snorkelling, Beginner


2 hours



PADI Coral Reef Conservation Course

Learn first hand about the coral species that make up the Mesoamerican Reef and the different techniques to restore them. Prerequisite course for volunteers.


Scuba, Beginner


2 days with 4 dives



PADI Reef Fish Identification Course

Learn how to find, identify, and the importance of the many

fish and marine species that inhabit the Mesoamerican Reef Ecosystem.


Scuba, Specialty


3 days with 6 dives



PADI Research Diver Course

We will teach you how to monitor, run transects, and preform research studies hands on while helping grow and maintain our coral nursery. 


Scuba, Intermediate


5 days with 7 dives


course-peak bouyancy.jpg

PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy Course

This course helps you master buoyancy control to take on more complex coral restoration tasks and have longer lasting recreational dives.


Scuba, Beginner


2 days with 4 dives


Scuba Prerequisites

These are standard courses for essential scuba skills. All our specialty courses require an Open Water Diver certification and Research Diver requires the Advanced Open Water.  For your convenience, we offer these prerequisite courses right before the Coral Reef Conservation and Research Diver courses. So you can get your prerequisite certification and then continue right into the speciality course that you are interested in. 

If you are in Cozumel or the Riviera Maya for a longer period of time, feel free to space out your courses.  


PADI Open Water Diver Course

The first scuba diving certification, it teaches you the core skills needed to dive safely. It allows you to dive anywhere in the world up to 60 feet (18 meters) deep and enroll in more advanced and specialized scuba courses.


Scuba, Beginner


3 days with 5 dives



PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course

This certification enhances your scuba skills, providing training on deeper dives, underwater navigation, and specialty dives. It allows you dive anywhere in the world up to 100 feet (30 meters) deep and enroll in the most advanced scuba courses.


Scuba, Intermediate


2 days with 5 dives


Frequently Asked Questions

What if there is bad weather during my course?

Bad weather can force us to cancel your dive. Safety is most important while diving. When the North winds become too severe, the Cozumel harbormaster closes the port to all underwater activities, cancelling your dive.

​If the dive is canceled, updates will be sent to participants via email or WhatsApp as soon as possible, with options provided to either reschedule your course or receive a refund.

For multi-day courses we can usually accommodate bad weather by modifying the itinerary to teach the theory portions when the port is closed.

Where are the courses conducted?

Our coral nursery is located at Villa Blanca reefs in Cozumel. It is easily accessible by swimming out from shore.

Lessons are conducted at our waterfront lab behind Sunset Beach Club. Its easy to see from the street and all the taxis know its location. Once you arrive at Sunset the signage will direct you to our lab.

Why should I take my course with the Cozumel Coral Reef Restoration Program?

You will be learning about one of the most critically endangered ecosystems on our planet while doing something good.

As a non-profit, all proceeds from our courses go to sustaining & scaling our coral restoration work.

We understand you have many options during your vacation, and we really appreciate you for picking to spend time with us!

I have my own equipment. Can I use them?

You are welcome to bring your own gear! All costumers can use our in house equipment (BCD, regulator, mask, fins, and weights), so if you can use whatever you need if you don't have a complete set.

You can provide this information in the booking form.

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