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Coral Reef Conservation Training

6 hours • $145USD • 1 day program w/ 2 Open Water Dives.


You will get a Coral Reef Restoration diploma and advanced knowledge on the coral that is the backbone of the Mesoamerican Reef ecosystem. These skills will allow you to become a volunteer in the coral restoration efforts at Cozumel.


Coral Reef Conservation Course

14 hours • $240USD • 2 days w/ 4 Open Water Dives


The more in depth version of our Coral Reef Restoration Course. For just $95USD extra you will benefit from 8 hours more education and conservation training and 2 more dives. Upon completion you will not only gain the skills needed to volunteer on our project and a diploma, but you will also have the PADI Coral Reef Conservation specialty.

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PADI Reef Fish Identification Course

14 hours • $275USD • 2 days w/ 2 tank boat dives & 2 shore dives.

Learn about the fish of the reef and the important relationship they have with other coral inhabitants, and their function on the reef. Upon completion, you can get your PADI Fish Identification specialty certification!

PADI Research Diver

16 hours • $390USD • 5 days w/ 2 tank boat dives and 5 shore dives.

We will teach you our monitoring program that helps us maintain our coral garden. You will learn to study how corals are growing and evaluate how they are adapting over periods of time. This is perfect for conservation enthusiasts and marine biologists alike! Upon competition, you get your PADI Research Diver certificate.

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Discover Scuba- Learn to dive



4 hours • $115USD • 1 day program w/ 2 dives.

Your introduction to the amazing world of scuba diving and the underwater world of the Cozumel Reef! We provide all the training and equipment you'll need for your first dives. After our course is complete you'll get the chance to visit our coral garden to see our conservation work in action.

Marine Ecology Snorkeling Tour


2 hours • $85USD

Great for beginners who want to explore the underwater world. You will get 40 minutes training on the science of marine ecology and afterwards will spend 1 hours exploring the Cozumel Coral Reef ecosystem first-hand. This all-inclusive course provides all the equipment you'll need plus a fruit snack and water.

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